A girl in jail enjoys getting her cavity search by a female guard.

Some of these bad girls love getting arrested and taken to jail. Caged Tushy loves it when these girls show up and this new update features one of these girls. She gets arrested and loves ever second of her strip search and cavity search. She actually cums during the cavity search movie.

sexy girl in jail

Jane got arrested and was taken to the holding cell. When the female guard told her that she was going to have to strip and undergo a full strip search she was actually turned on by it. She happily got naked and showed off her amazing body. The guard felt her entire body, checking every curve and spot during the strip search.

lesbian cavity search

The guard then bent Jane over the desk and slowly slid her finger in her pussy as she started the cavity search. Jane like it so much she actually pushed back and started to moan. By the time the guard got to her ass Jane was so turned on she was cumming as the guard slid her finger in her ass for this last part of the cavity search. If going to jail was like this, Jane was going to have a blast!


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