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After her arrest this cute blond babe gets taken to the holding cell. She thought she would just get put in jail, but soon the sexy, horny jail guard told her she was going to give her a strip search. The guard wouldn’t even wait for the girl to take her clothes off so she stepped in and started stripping her right there in the cell. She got her naked and gave her  thorough strip search.

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Once she had checked her body out she took her over to the desk, laid her down on it and slid her finger in her pussy. She finger fucked her while giving her a pussy cavity search. She probed her ass and her pussy then threw the girl in jail fully nude. She thought it was no big deal, but now she knew she better not fight the law because the law will fuck her.


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Caged Tushy has done it once again. This time they found a prison guard who is so out of control she doesn’t just strip search the inmates, she fucks them. It is lesbian prison sex like you have never seen before and the strip search movies are red hot.

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This girl get busted and taken to the holding cell. The guard strips her down and gets her naked for a full strip search. She even gives her a cavity search. During the cavity search she sees this prisoner’s pussy is shaved and pierced so she knows this chick is looking for a good time. The guard gets naked, goes to her desk and gets the strapon out.

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She lays the prison out on the desk and slams that strapon right in her pussy. She fucks this inmate like the jailhouse bitch that she is and really bangs her hard. When the inmate cums the guard decides she wants more so she takes her to the cell, puts her face down on the cot and fucks that prisoner’s ass. It is lesbian anal action to the extreme as she reams her out then leaves her naked in the cell.


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Caged Tushy just added some hot strip search movies to the site showing a lucky guard getting to give a hot girl a strip search. He had never done this before but once he gets his fingers in her ass for the cavity search you can tell that he is relaxing an enjoying it. Here are some shots from it.

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It was his first day on the job and when his first hot female prisoner was brought in her was excited to give her a full strip search. She took off her clothes and showed him her amazing body. She smiled as he gave her the strip search and checked her entire body over.

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He bent her over the desk and put his fingers in her pussy. She moaned a little as he fingered her pussy, telling her he had to give her this cavity search. When he put his fingers in her ass for the cavity search she tightened up a little, but he worked her loose and gave her full inspection. He then took her over and put her in jail, fully nude.


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Some of these bad girls love getting arrested and taken to jail. Caged Tushy loves it when these girls show up and this new update features one of these girls. She gets arrested and loves ever second of her strip search and cavity search. She actually cums during the cavity search movie.

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Jane got arrested and was taken to the holding cell. When the female guard told her that she was going to have to strip and undergo a full strip search she was actually turned on by it. She happily got naked and showed off her amazing body. The guard felt her entire body, checking every curve and spot during the strip search.

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The guard then bent Jane over the desk and slowly slid her finger in her pussy as she started the cavity search. Jane like it so much she actually pushed back and started to moan. By the time the guard got to her ass Jane was so turned on she was cumming as the guard slid her finger in her ass for this last part of the cavity search. If going to jail was like this, Jane was going to have a blast!


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Everyone knows that hot girls in jail love having lesbian prison sex. Caged Tushy has all the hot footage of these girls getting arrested, strip searched and then thrown in the cell where they have lesbian prison sex. This new update they have a couple of babe sharing a cell and one of them is very dominate. The lesbian prison sex movies show the dominate girl in jail having her way with her cellmate and it rocks!

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After the guards were gone Gina grabbed her hot cellmate and threw her down on the cot. She tore he jumpsuit down to show off that nice body. She felt her body up then put her on all fours, naked, and started fingering her pussy. When the day started this girl never thought she would end up getting arrested and be having lesbian prison sex before the day was over.

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When Gina had fully fingered this submissive girl in jail’s pussy she put her face down on the couch and went to work on her ass. It was lesbian anal at its finest as she licked and fingered that girl prisoner’s ass. When they heard the guards coming the dominate girl told the submissive cellmate she had better keep her mouth shut.


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Caged Tushy has just added a new update to the site and I have to say it is one of the hottest updates I have ever seen on the site. This one features a couple of hot girls in jail having lesbian sex between their cells. The girls in jail movies have to be seen to be believed.

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These two girls were brought into jail about the same time and were both given strip searches and cavity searches then were thrown naked in jail into cells next to each other. They were still turned on from getting fingered by the guard so they started rubbing each other through the bars. It wasn’t long before they were having full on lesbian prison sex.

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The girls kissed and rubbed each other’s pussies and tits. The white girl in jail took control and put the black girl on all fours. She reached through the bars and fingered that sweet black pussy then she used something she found on the floor and turned it into a sex toy that she used to toy the back girls ass. The black girl in jail came so hard everyone on the cell block could hear her moan.


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It is invasion of the prison girls with giant tits over Caged Tushy. This new update features a prisoner with such huge tits the guard just had to check them out and gave her a second strip search just to enjoy that hot body. With some steamy cavity search movies this update really delivers.

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This girl came into the holding room and her huge tits nearly knocked the guard over. The guard wanted to see those tits so she told the prisoner she would have to be strip searched. When the prisoner told her that she had already been stripped searched she told her it didn’t matter, she had to have another.

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She did as she was told and unleashed those huge tits. The guard felt them then took the hot girl prisoner’s skirt and panties off and bent her over the desk. She stabbed her finger right into that tight ass and gave it a good probing. After the lesbian cavity search was done the guard decided she needed to check the pussy so she flipped her over and slid her finger in that slice. This exam was going to take awhile.


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Caged Tushy sometimes comes across girls in jail that are horny and love getting their pussies and asses fingered during the cavity search. This new update features a girl so wet and ready to go she wants to have lesbian prison sex with the guard. The cavity search movies are some of the hottest I have ever seen so I wanted to share some pics with you.

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This bad girl got busted and taken to jail. She took one look at the prison guard and knew she wanted some of that. When the guard told her to strip this bad girl in jail didn’t waste any time getting naked. She stripped it down and posed, rubbing on the guard. The guard gave her a full strip search then lead her over to the desk and told her sit on it and spread her legs.

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The guard gave the girl a full cavity search, sliding her finger deep in that shaved pussy. It felt so good the girl in jail laid back on the desk and started to moan. As the guard fingered her the prison girl came right there on the desk. The cavity search started out as a regular check and ended as full on lesbian prison sex.


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If there is one thing Caged Tushy has down it is their sense of timing. These guys are always in the right place at the right time. This new update has some strip search movies in them that are wild because the girl was a real bitch so the female guard had to really put her in place and give her a rough cavity search.

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After her arrest this chick was taken to the holding cell. She was such a pain in the ass that the guard was really getting pissed at. Finally guard just took control and pressed the girl against the wall as she strip searched her. She got her naked and checked ever spot on this girl in jail’s body.

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While she had her naked the guard bent the girl over and slammed her finger right up her ass for a full, deep cavity search. She fingered her ass good, making the girl writhe in a mix of pleasure and pain then she reached around front and put her finger into the prisoners pussy. It was almost lesbian prison sex and the guard was really enjoying it.


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This new update over at Caged Tushy features some pretty hot strip search movies of a sexy babe getting arrested then getting a full cavity search as her pussy gets fingered. I wanted to share some of the pics with you because it is a great update.

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Claire got arrested and hauled into a jail. Once she was booked she got taken to the holding cell where the guard told her that she had to get naked and get a full strip search. Claire argued at first, then she finally let the guard strip her down and give her a full search. She felt her tits and checked her hair then it was time for the cavity search.

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The guard took Claire over to the desk, sat her on top of it and spread her legs open then the guard slipped her finger right into Claire’s tight pussy. She gave that pussy a deep cavity search. She fingered him hard then flipped her over and jammed her finger right up Claire’s ass. She gave her a cavity search she won’t soon forget then threw her in the jail cell while she was still nude.